Our science

Proteomics Focused Drug Development Strategy

AevisBio is a biotech company applying targeted protein modulator (TPM) technology to the innovative new drug development for the treatment of diseases with high medical unmet needs.

TPMs degrade or increase therapeutic drug target proteins including transcription factors and other non-enzymatic targets that is undruggable in traditional drug development approaches.

Aevisbio focused on the cereblon-mediated TPMs and establishes Proteomics-based Degron Library (PDL) platform technology which facilitate the identification of drug targets and the data-driven drug design instead of the artificial guesses.

Aevisbio team has years of experience in E3 ligase-mediated biology, cancer biology, neurology, immunology, proteomics and drug development.

Target diseases of interest include but not limited to drug resistant cancers, vascular diseases, immune disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.